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Solar Mission der MaxSolar GmbH in Tansania
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Hilfsprojekt Msafiri in Tanzania

Tansania Msafiri Primary School

Msafiri Elementary School – Tansania

”It was incredible how warm and friendly they welcomed us”, says Franz Hauk. “Though the students and teachers do not have an easy life, they always tried to make us happy with small gifts or special meals. This enthusiasm of giving is something many people have to relearn in Germany.” Despite some difficulties the charity project was a success. After one week of hard work, a great deal of improvisation and technical creativity the 10 kWp autonomous pv system was successfully commissioned. Thanks to its 21 kWh solar lead battery the students and teachers of the Msafiri Primary School have enough electricity day and night. ”The students’ enthusiasm was definitely worth all the work.” summarises Franz Hauk. “MaxSolar will definitely commit to a similar project next year.”

All panels used were sponsored by Trina Solar, all hardware was provided by Sunplan free of charge.

Trina Solar sponsors again panels for African charity project

MaxSolar GmbH would like to thank everybody for their support. Trina Solar Limited (TSL) sponsored all panels needed.

Read the official report here