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Pflege und Prüfung Ihrer Photovoltaikanlage - MaxSolar GmbH.
MaxSolar GmbH, Instandhaltung, Pflege, Prüfung, Photovoltaikanlage, Modulreinigung, Thermografieuntersuchung, Leistungsmessung, Elektrolumineszenzuntersuchung, E-Check PV-Anlagen, Kalibrierung Sensorik, Technische Anschlussregelung (FNN, BDEW), Messkonzepte & dezentrales Speichermanagement, Grünpflegearbeiten
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Optimize your profits with our individual solutions. Many times the smallest things take up the most time. But that is no need to worry. If desired, we take over maintenance and inspection duties on your pv system. Thanks to our sophisticated technology, we can see errors that are invisible to the naked eye.

  • cleaning
  • thermal imaging
  • power measurement of modules/ cables/ system
  • electroluminescence test
  • E-Check
  • sensor calibration
  • technical connection control (FNN, BDEW)
  • measuring concepts and decentralized storage management
  • gardening services for ground-mounted systems