MaxSolar GmbH | Re-Powering
Sie haben eine in die Jahre gekommene Photovoltaik-Anlage? Erkundigen Sie sich bei MaxSolar über Ihre Optimierungsmöglichkeiten!
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Your system is getting a bit long in the tooth? More modern and optimized components with a higher efficiency are nowadays available at the market. Sometimes there are some additional factors causing a creeping deterioration of the photovoltaic system, e.g. obsolescence, soil erosion or just a faulty project design. We often recommend re-powering for older systems. Our experts investigate your plant and determine the reasons for your lower returns. Afterwards they consult with you, if for example the exchange of your power converter or a new wiring is a suitable solution. Expensive panels are rarely changed but in case of a defect we also recommend that.

Your returns are important for us. Contact us and get some more information about your possibilities to optimize your plant. This service is of course also available for plant operators that are no clients of MaxSolar yet.


Mansilla, Spain

Pellworm, Germany


Traunstein, Germany

Private Home, Germany

Any questions? We will be pleased to help you!