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Ground-mounted Systems and Citizens´Projects

Although ground mounted systems are no longer a novelty they´re still a very useful and profitable investment. And because land-use and waste of land are important topics in every municipality and city, conversion areas are used often for the construction of ground-mounted systems. That´s how former gravel pits and oil deposits for example can contribute something useful again, even if they´re not usable for agriculture anymore. And the rate of soil sealing is very low so that flora and fauna can mostly remain.

Four good reasons for a public ground-mounted system in your town:

Be an active part of the energy turnaround!

More and more cities and municipalities are now setting a good example by providing the local municipal utility also with renewable energy of solar collectors or other generating plants. And now it´s your turn to show how much you appreciate the environment and low energy costs by starting a future-orientated project in your community.

Financing can be very simple...

The payback time of a photovoltaic system is only a few years. This is a minor issue compared to ongoing energy costs that will keep rising. Afterwards there´s a high profit by the return. And the sun doesn´t send an invoice but always provides energy free of charge.

High public interest.

Financing solutions by public cooperative associations are getting more and more popular. Our experiences showed that the population is highly interested and participate in our projects by subscriptions. In return, they are rewarded with an anual dividend payment of about 3-4% and the good conscience to contribute something great on top.

So far all the shares of our projects were distributed early which means that the project financing was safe to 100%.

Reliability and proven technologies.

People are getting older and older and so do solar power systems. The panels come with a 20-year warranty but live expectancy of every solar power plant is significant higher nowadays. And in the event that there are any signs of aging and abrasion don´t hesitate to contact our maintenance department. Our high qualified team includes also experts for assessment and re-powering.



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