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PV for Industrial and Commercial Clients

The energy consumption is an important part of the production costs in every electricity-intensive company. And it´s getting even more significant because of the rising energy costs. For example in furniture industries are 7% of the production costs of each item caused by the electricity costs.

Producing your own electricity with solar power brings you several advantages: Long-term low energy costs, more independence of your network supplier and last but not least a competitive advantage in production and sustainability.

Please contact us for more details and personal advice – free of charge and without any obligation. We have modern and future-orientated solutions for your energy management.

Four good reasons to invest in your own photovoltaic system:

No invoice by the sun

Producing industries are predestined to use a high amount of the produced power for private consumption. The photovoltaic system produces cost-effective and green energy on the roof while the machines and data processors below are running during the daily operation. Normally the energy costs can be reduced by up to 35% per month, just by running a solar power system.

No more hassle with rising energy costs

Long-term low energy costs with your own power production is a big advantage. After a relative short amortization time your energy costs will decrease even more while the electricity price of the puplic power grid will rise further on.

Start your own turnaround in energy policy

The discussions in politics are redundant when you take the initiative by yourself. The decision for a sustainable and clean electricity production protects your finances and our environment. Furthermore you reduce the CO2-balance of your products – an environmentally conscious image will be well received by the clients!

Low investment level

We offer individual and flexible financing concepts with low initial investments for a long-term profit of your photovoltaic system.


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